steamers $21

manila clams, white wine sundried tomatoes, white beans Parmesan-crusted toast

stuffed avocado $15

light tempura, chilled shrimp, mango peppers, jicama, cucumbers, Cajun aioli black sesame seeds, micro cilantro

calamari $15

lemon dill aioli, sweet chili agave

shrimp shots $14 

Cajun seasoned shrimp, lemon herb buerre blanc, chives, micro cilantro

ceviche $17

shrimp or fish, avocado, cucumbers lime juice, cilantro, Cajun seasoned plantains
tostada chips

smoked wings $12

choose bbq, mango habanero lemon pepper or sweet chili agave sauce

brussels sprouts $11

balsamic glaze, Parmesan cheese
$3 Cajun Brussels maple & pork belly

fried green tomatoes $14

avocado dressing, lemon dill aioli queso fresco, pink peppercorns rock sea salt, micro cilantro

fruit + honey plate $17

watermelon, blueberries, blackberries strawberries, mango, cantaloupe grapes on the vine, granola bits Greek yogurt, agave-honey


corn chowder $10 

fresh corn, leeks, celery, potatoes micro cilantro, fried jalapeno, queso fresco

$4 add maple glazed smoked bacon chunks shredded cheddar and chives

albondigas $13 

spicy beef broth with meatballs, carrots celery, zucchini, tomatoes, cilantro

$2 add garlic sticky rice

gumbo $9 

pulled chicken, chicken andouille sausage bell peppers, okra, garlic sticky rice, cilantro

$4 add popcorn crawfish


$5 add 6 oz. chicken/4 oz. sliced brisket • $8 add 6 each jumbo Cajun shrimp

caesar $14

kale & romaine ribbons, shaved Parmesan cherry tomatoes, red onions, garlic herb and Parmesan-crusted toast

kale salad $13 

kale & romaine ribbons, red onion grape tomatoes, carrots, feta cheese jicama, chickpeas, edamame
tahini dressing

spiced chopped salad $14 

baby spinach, watermelon, mango cucumber, jicama, grape tomatoes oranges, chives, tajin spice, plum wine

california smoke

ribs $25/$33

half or full rack, black cherry glazed with sun butter slaw, potato salad, cornbread, whipped honey butter

brisket $29

8 oz. with au jus, sun butter slaw, Texas toast, chive butter cream

solo sample plate $42

3 black cherry glazed ribs, 4 oz. brisket, 1/4 chicken dark or breast, sun butter slaw, potato salad, cornbread, whipped honey butter

“all-in” $65 

8 black cherry glazed spare ribs, 6 oz. brisket, achiote chicken, mac ‘n cheese, potato salad, cornbread, whipped honey butter

sandwiches & burgers

brisket sandwich $17

5 oz brisket, Swiss cheese, sun butter slaw, pickles red onions, spicy brown mustard, Parmesan-crusted toast, creamy horseradish

shrimp sandy $16

chilled shrimp mix, butter lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, red onion, iceberg lettuce, creole mustard

“the cheeseburger” $15

two 4 oz. skinny patties, pickles, tomatoes, red onion, iceberg lettuce, American cheese, cracked black peppercorn aioli

$4 add maple-glazed smoked bacon/$2 add fried egg

m.g.s.b.l.t. $14

maple-glazed smoked bacon, shaved iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cracked black peppercorn aioli, Parmesan-crusted toast

avocado toast $14 

seasoned crushed avocado, lemon dill aioli, spicy avocado dressing, queso fresco, blistered cherry tomatoes, pumpernickel bread, micro cilantro, simple side salad

smoked bacon + roasted turkey $16 

pulled turkey breast, maple glazed bacon, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, red onions, butter lettuce, spicy brown mustard, cracked black peppercorn, aioli, pumpernickel bread


black cherry glazed
salmon $33 

8 oz. atlantic salmon, sweet corn asparagus hash, maple glazed smoked bacon, Parmesan-crusted mashed potatoes, chive butter cream

mahi fish + chips $21

panko herb-crusted with lemon-fresh Parmesan fries, sun butter slaw, lemon dill aioli, chives

jambalaya $28 

jumbo shrimp, clams, crawfish tails, chicken andouille sausage, roasted peppers, creole cream sauce, garlic sticky rice

lime shrimp pasta $24

jumbo shrimp, bell peppers, cilantro lime cream sauce, pasta, cilantro, lime, chives, ancho chili flakes

8 oz filet $38 

rock sea salt, cracked black pepper, steamed asparagus, mushroom demi glace, Parmesan-crusted mashed potatoes, chive butter cream

pork tenderloin $34 

available after 4 pm
lemon pepper grilled medallions, grilled corn, zucchini, blistered tomatoes, mango habanero drizzle, hand smashed potatoes, lemon herb gravy

lobster bake $43 

two 5 oz. lobster tails baked, steamed crawfish, spicy creole sauce, dirty rice, okra, black beans, chicken andouille sausage, roasted peppers

filet & tail $55 

8 oz. filet, rock sea salt, cracked black pepper, mushroom demi glace
5 oz. lobster tail, clarified butter, steamed broccolini, Parmesan-crusted mashed potatoes, chive butter cream

roasted half chicken $27 

slow roasted chicken seasoned with achiote, spinach shallot sauté, dirty rice with okra, black beans, chicken andouille sausage, roasted pepper, lemon herb gravy

loaded veggie tamale $17 

sweet corn hash and spicy borracho beans, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, salsa verde, sour cream, spicy avocado salsa

sides $6

parmesan-crusted mashed potatoes 

Yukon gold hand-smashed potatoes with chive butter cream

simple salad 

mixed greens, jicama, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, white balsamic vinaigrette

cornbread (2 each)


mac ‘n cheese

$2 add bacon+jalapeno or brisket

sweet potato fries

with warm maple syrup

seasonal veggies 

steamed or grilled


cherry cheesecake $11

summer cherry glaze

s’mo bread pudding $14

toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate, candied pecans, salted caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream

chocolate decadence $10 

powdered sugar

mango sorbet $6 

cookies & creme $12

chocolate chip cookie planks with mascarpone pastry creme

In addition to this extensive menu, we offer a $10 Lunch Combo Menu, Monday – Friday, too!
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