Anthony Crawford

Born June 29th, 1981, Anthony Crawford was raised in a family of talented musicians. His father, funk and rock drummer Hubert (H bomb) Crawford has played with notable greats like James Brown, Cyndi Lauper, Mothers Finest, Mark Farner of the Grandfunk Railroad, The bar kays, and was the original drummer for the Eric Gales Band, while his uncle is the legendary jazz saxophonist Hank Crawford.

With such strong musical influences in his life, Anthony began playing the drums at the tender age of 2. At about 6 years old, he began to attend his father’s performances. It was at this time that Anthony started to visualize and dream of being on stage and playing the drums like his father. Soon after, this young gifted musician entered and won several school talent contests.

It was not until Anthony reached his 12th birthday that he finally picked up the bass for the very first time. He knew, just at that moment that he was meant to be a bass player. He walked away from the drums, never looked back, and began practicing the bass night and day.

When Anthony was 14 he began playing with his father and has set in with the Bette Midler Band. As a freshman in high school, he then met Derrick Dean, keyboardist, and Trevor Taylor, drummer. The trio soon became good friends and decided to form a band. Together they performed at church and for a variety of Memphis community choirs. Through these experiences, Anthony was introduced to many forms of jazz and musical genres.

Musically, Anthony has been greatly influenced by rock bands and bassists like Doug Wimbish, Les Claypool, Doug Pinnick, Metallica, Deep Purple, and Ozzy Osbourne. But the turning point surrounding his musical influences was when he recalls, “I got ‘A Show Of Hands’ by Victor Wooten. That record completely changed my life. I must have learned that whole entire record from beginning to end. That record made me really explore my talent in ways I never thought possible.” It was after this musical experience that he began listening to other great bass players like Stanly Clark, Marcus Miller and Jaco to name a few.

In 2000 post high school graduation, Anthony flew to Los Angeles to play at the National Democratic Convention for Bill Clinton. Two years later he appeared in a Burger King commercial with the basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal. The following year, Anthony released his first record entitled “Satisfied”.

Anthony began playing with the legendary R&B group Shalmor in 2004 and shortly after with Howard Hewett. He also performed with Justin Timberlake. Then he met jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum. Together the pair performed a few shows and collaborated to create the music for a movie commentary filmed in South Africa.

On January 1st, 2008, Anthony moved to Los Angeles and has been actively performing with notable artists such as Erykah Badu, Peabo Bryson, Jeff Lorber, Dave Weckl, Everette Harp, Frank McComb, gospel legend Andrae Crouch, Karen Briggs, Virgil Donati, guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, Eric Marienthal and has released his solo CD titled “Urban Jazz” available November 9th, 2010. Soon after the release of Anthony Crawford’s solo album, he was featured on the front page of “Top 40 Charts” alone with Stevie Wonder and the MTV Movie Awards. Anthony Crawford was also invited to perform at the 2011 Emmy Awards show. Anthony Crawford is also recognized as “Most Popular Player” on No in their “Player Spotlight Section”.

Anthony Crawford is a notable up and coming bassist inspiring generations to come with his unprecedented, eclectic musical talents.

Mikael Pederson

For singer-songwriter and guitarist Mikael Pederson, music is a way to connect with the world and inspire those around him. Born and raised in Oregon, Mikael began his career at a young age singing and playing weekly with his band at the local coffee houses. His music has drawn comparisons to artists like John Mayer, James Taylor, and Ryan Adams. With hints of soul and blues driven guitar riffs, he adds vivid story telling to create a compelling performance. Mikael seeks to inspire and encourage others through his songs and performances which have taken him to places such as the House of Blues, Clackamas County Fair, Alhambra Theatre and Alberta Street Pub. His first EP, “Turn This Around,” captures Mikael’s heartfelt approach to the ups and downs of everyday life and love, reminding listeners that “time’s not on our side”. Mikael’s new EP “Home” was released in January 2016 with four full band tracks featuring electric guitar solos and upbeat vocal hooks. The album is inspired by taking life a little slower and remembering the importance of connecting with a community. Songs from the album have been featured on Kink 101.9, Krush 92.5 and Pandora. Currently Mikael is working on new material in Los Angeles and will be releasing a single in the spring of 2017.

Amy May

With her rhythmic lyrics and expressive voice, Amy May sings straight from the heart. The last few years, the world has taken notice. The British singer-songwriter has been on a global journey playing to audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Thailand, Fiji, Dubai, with a performance at the Cannes Film Festival.

Amy’s song “Open” rose to the number one spot in the Female Singer/Songwriter chart on MTV partner In 2012, her song “Real” was on CWTV’s hit television show “One Tree Hill.”

Amy May is a regular performer at Santa Monica’s (CA) 3rd Street Promenade amid throngs of tourists, local club-goers, street performers and musicians. Her folk-influenced songs of romance and regret are regularly met with great enthusiasm with her fan base growing on a daily basis.

Through a relentless dedication to playing live shows, Amy has sold more than 20,000 copies of her self-produced albums. She admits “it has been a humbling yet gratifying experience to be making my living from my music where I can instill deep emotion in those around me.” She adds, “ I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

With music influenced by artists spanning generations – Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Jewel, Sarah MacLachlan, Alanis Morrisette, Dido, among others – Amy May is set for an exciting 2013 for her remarkable and growing music career

Justin Abrams

Justin Abrams (Born July 26, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with Orange County-based Indie Rock band Justin Abrams & BC, originally named Beyond Conception. Abrams is also known for his multiple musical placements on programs for MTV Networks, as Composer and Music Contributor on feature length films; most notably 2010’s National Lampoon’s Sex Tax, and as theme song Composer for the NFL’s San Diego Chargers (2010-2012). Abrams performs at least 100 live shows each year at local and international venues.

Kalina and Kiana

Kalina & Kiana discovered sibling harmony while still in their car seats. Now, in their 20s, they’ve traveled the world, starred in and written songs for television shows in the US and Europe.
While writing for other projects, they found their sound – a unique brand of “Poetic Pop.” Their high energy lives shows feature magnet hooks and lyrics you’ll be singing by the second chorus. These multi-instrumentalist wear their influences on their sleeves, including everything from The Beatles to Broods. Kalina and Kiana are music to the ears and easy on the eyes.

Damon Wayans Jr’s Comedy Night – Abby Roberage

Abby Roberge is an extremley talented young comedian based out of Los Angeles. He has toured all over North America. Being raised in a commune in the mountains of British Columbia and moving to a big city for high school, he was forced to adapt and observe normal society as an outsider which is a skill that has led him to become such a pleasure to watch on stage.

Damon Wayans Jr’s Comedy Night – Ari Mannis

Ari grew up in San Diego, CA and is currently residing in Los Angeles where he performs stand up comedy regularly; some notable venues include The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Improv, and many more.

In 2010 Ari skateboarded from Oregon to New York to raise money towards at-risk youth for the organization SkateAcrossUSA. In 2012 Ari skated from Santa Cruz, CA to San Diego, CA almost 600 miles stopping and performing stand up along the way. His comedy has been featured on MTV Greatest Party Stories Ever, Gabriel Iglesias’s Stand-Up Revolution on Serious XM, Nerdist, FunnyOrDie, Cracked, Medium, College Humor, & TBS.

Recently he started a monthly comedy show in the living room of his apartment which has been featured on Forbes, AirBnB, Yelp, Comedy Vortex, and LA Weekly. Ari started his own Comedy News & Podcast Network StandUpTalk in which his Podcast Unlicensed Therapy is located, it has been featured on SoundCloud and iTunes with over 500,000 subscribers.

Ari can be seen touring all over either by himself or opening for comedians such as Michael Kosta, Dan Soder, Tony Hinchcliffe, Theo Von, and Pauly Shore. He has performed in many Comedy Festivals including The Laughing Skull Com

Damon Wayans Jr’s Comedy Night – Darren Gendron

Darren J. Gendron is a comedian, author and board game designer. If you come in contact with Dern in the wild, you can calm him and draw his attention with the traditional call of “Heyo Dern!” Be warned that he may still be hostile to you if you are a hobo or a clown. Oddly, hobo clowns are not threatening to him.

Damon Wayans Jr’s Comedy Night – Nathan Hurd

Nathan Hurd is a stand up comedian and actor based out of Los Angeles. He has been making people laugh all across the country for a decade. A remarkable Storyteller, Nathan captivates audiences with his unique experience of being a black albino who was adopted at birth by a white family and raised in the south. Nathan has the ability to make anything hilarious. Whether he’s talking about his personal hardships or wondering aloud what bees smell like; the crowd is always engaged and doubled over in laughter. In 2012 Nathan was named The Funniest Comic in LA. he has been featured on Fox’s Laughs and he can regularly be seen at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Nathan also regularly donates his time To the Laugh To Live non-profit organization bringing laughter to those who really need it. As far as acting, Nathan has been featured on such shows as My Name Is Earl, American Horror Story, and he is a regular on the Marvel show Legion on FX. Nathan has a Relentless pursuit of perfection on stage and it keeps him raising his own bar.  Nathan’s talent for levity and delightful and infectious personality make him a joy for any venue.