Hoppy, Aromatic, Bitter, Piney.


Easy, light bodied, clean, crisp, refreshing.


Dark, full roasted, hints of coffee and chocolate


Medium Body, slightly sweet, malty


Bold, spiced, strong, unique. Complex body and typically high ABV%

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Voted on and Selected by our Bar Staff. Limited availability, rare selections from our favorite Breweries!

2 Towns OutCider 5% $6

12 oz. Can

Bud Light 4.3% $4.75

16 oz. Aluminum Bottle

Unsung Buzzman 5.2% $6.75

16 oz can

Eel River California Blonde 5.8% $6

Certified Organic. 12 oz. Can

Allagash White 5% $6.25

12 oz. Bottle

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier 5.4% $6.50

330ml Bottle

Alesmith SD Pale Ale .394 6% $6

12 oz. Can

Omission IPA 6.7% $6

12 oz. Bottle

Modern Times Seasonal IPA $7.25

Rotating Selection – 16 oz. Can

Anderson Valley Boont 5.8% $6

12 oz. Bottle

Murphy’s Irish Stout 4% $6.50

440 ml Draft Can

Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout 9.5% $6.50

12 oz. Can

Delirium Tremens 8.5% $9

500 ml can

Modern Times Fruitlands Gose $7.25

16 oz. Can

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler $6.50

500 ml Can

Stone Arrogant Bastard 7.2% $12

22 oz. Bottle

Allagash Curieux 11% $25

750 ml Bottle

Bitburger Drive 0.0% $5

12 oz. Bottle

Old Fashioned $12.75

Makers Mark, fresh orange zest, raw sugar

New York Sour $12.75

High West Double Rye, fresh citrus, raw sugar, Cabernet Sauvignon

Kentucky Brunch $12.75

Woodford Reserve, Licor 43, maple, & a hint of cinnamon

Blueberry-Coconut Mojito $12.75

Rumhaven Coconut Rum, fresh lime juice, mint, blueberries, & raw sugarAlso available: Traditional or Blackberry

Bourbon Mimosa $12.75

Knob Creek, St. Germain, citrus, basil, with a float of Prosecco

Georgia Peach Cobbler $10.75

Skyy Peach Vodka, Dekuyper Peach, raw sugar, & citrus. Finished with a caramel drizzle and cinnamon.

Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita $12.75

Partida Blanco, Cointreau, fresh lime Juice, agave nectar, cucumber and jalapeño

Skyloft Mai Tai $12.75

Zaya Rum and our own signature blend of tropical juices

Skyloft Paloma $13.25

Roca Patron Reposado, Cointreau, & lime juice on ice. Served with a can of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler.

Day Spa $12.75

Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germain, cucumber, basil, & blackberries, shaken with citrus and raw sugar

Silver Fox $13.75

Patrón Silver, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, cranberry

Coastal Cosmo $13.75

Ketel One Oranje, fresh lime juice, raw sugar, cranberry

Moscow $10.75

Russian Standard, Ginger Beer & citrus

Kentucky Thoroughbred $10.75

Buffalo Trace, Ginger Beer & citrus

Dark and Stormy $10.75

Zaya Rum, Ginger Beer & citrus

Pear Mule $10.75

Skyy Bartlett Pear, Ginger beer, citrus with a dash of cinnamon

Cucumber Basil $13.75

Ketel One, agave, fresh lime juice, cucumber, basil

St. Grapefruit $13.75

Skyy Grapefruit, St Germaine, grapefruit juice, raw sugar, fresh lime juice

Spiced Lemon Ginger $13.75

Belvedere Vodka, Tuaca, citrus, ginger, cinnamon

Mint Chocolate Cookie $13.75

Rumple Minze, Frangelico, chocolate and cream

White Peach Sangria $12

White wine, Skyy Peach Vodka with Fruit

Chateau Ste. Michelle $7/$27

Riesling, Columbia Valley WA

Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses $10/$39.00

Rosé, France

Santa Cristina $8.50/$33

Pinot Grigio, Sicily, Italy

La Crema $32

Pinot Gris, Monterey

Mud House $11/$43

Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

Salmon Creek $6.50/$26

Chardonnay, California

Rodney Strong $9.75/$39

Chardonnay, Sonoma County

La Crema $14/$55

Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast

Morgan $55

Chardonnay, Metallico Un-Oaked

Sonoma-Cutrer $55

Chardonnay, Russian River

Cakebread $68

Chardonnay, Napa Valley

Far Niente $82

Chardonnay, Napa Valley

Nickel & Nickel Truchard Vineyard $20/$79

Chardonnay, Carneros, Napa Valley

La Marca $9/$35

Prosecco, Italy

Mumm Napa Split $15.00

Brut Prestige, Napa Valley

Veuve Clicquot ½ Bottle $50

Reims France

Veuve Clicquot $90

Reims France

Dom Perignon $275

Epernay France

Red Sangria $12

Red Wine, Christian Bros Brandy with Fresh Fruit

Fat Cat $7.75/$30

Pinot Noir, California

Byron “Nielson” $11/$43

Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara

Kenwood Reserve $50

Pinot Noir, Russian River

Wild Ridge $60

Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

Ruta 22 $9/$35

Malbec Mendoza, Argentina

Charles Smith Boom Boom! $9.50/$38

Syrah, Washington

Deloach $8.25/$32

Merlot, California

Nickel & Nickel $85

Merlot, Napa Valley

Avalon $8.50/$33

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Storypoint $10.50/$42

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Justin $15/$60

Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

Decoy $14/$57

Red Blend, Sonoma County

Stag’s Leap “Artemis” $85

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Duckhorn $95

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Nickel & Nickel $125.00

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

St Francis $40

Zinfandel, Sonoma County

Rabble “Force of Nature” $10.50/$41

Zinfandel, Paso Robles

Justin, Justification $90

Red Blend, Paso Robles

Justin, Isosceles $125

Red Blend, Paso Robles

Opus One $340.00

Napa Valley, Oakville, CA

Coke $2.95

Diet Coke $2.95

Dr. Pepper $2.95

Ginger Ale $2.95

Sprite $2.95

Barq’s Root Beer $2.95

Iced Tea $2.95

Lemonade $2.95

Monster $4

8 oz. can

Low-Carb Monster $4

8 oz. can

Earl Grey $3.50

Mint $3.50

Oolong $3.50

Chai $3.50

Green $3.50

Chamomile Citrus $3.50


Dark Roast $3.50

Decaffeinated $3.50

Espresso $5.00

(double $7.00)

Capuccino $5.00

(double $7.00)

Latte $5.00

(double $7.00)

Mocha $5.00

(double $7.00)

Caramel Latte $5.00

(double $7.00)

Modern Times Cold Brew $4.50

12 oz. can